Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Welcome! I'm not sure who if anyone is going to read this, it may just end up being for my own self ego boosting reasons 8)
I'm from Florida, that lovely state where.. if you somehow were in a coma in 2000 manged to bugger up the Presidental election and give the highest office in the land to well.. Bush. *ugh* I'm also a Democrat.. born raised.. proud. I'm NOT a "Progressive" a term that in many ways irks me as much as athiests who call themselves "brights."

I'm a moderate.. I find many "progressives" well.. idealistic and rather well.. annoying. Mostly because I do NOT agree with "Moral Victories" I never have, I'd rather fight and take small steps winning a little bit more every day, than go for the whole thing at once, lose, and pat myself on the back for proving that once again, I've been beat. I hate it really, its the main reason I'm not more involved with my local Democratic party.. they are just to liberal for me. 8)

Now while I'm sure I've managed already to offend someone so far.. Sorry. But I AM a Democrat.. and while I have a few Republican friends. ( We have to agree to disagree on issues) For the most part Republicans and the Conservative type annoy me more than Progressives.

Today.. a Man I once admired.. Zell Miller of GA, endorsed Bush.. a Democrat.. endorsed Bush. Honestly.. I was shocked, sadded, and just a little bit made ill. I really don't think Miller is all there, I mean really, has someone in DC been spiking this mans drink or something?

I swear.. it turns my stomach.

Oh for the record, I'm a Dean supporter. And NO hes not a liberal.. hes not even "Anti-War" really.. hes anti "Unilaterial Invasion".. hes anti "Screw the rest of the World, I'm dong what I want." Hes PRO "hey, we think we have a real problem here, lets sit down and figure out the best way of taking care of it." OMG what a concept..

The fact that hes a defict hawk, strongly pro choice, states rights on guns, pro civil unions, and a damn good speaker to boot wins me over every time.

I'll probably write more tomorrow, I'll think I'll start this little voyage into the blogosphere on the whole damn civil unions issue. And why to me.. a Moderate, Catholic, southern Democrat, civil unions make sense, and don't in the slightest make me uncomfortable.

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